Cremation- Providing You Everything to Honor your Loved Ones

A thoughtful alternative in laying the dead to rest, cremation is now becoming more and more common around the US. At Kedz Funeral Home we give you the best options for cremation services right here in Toms River.

We provide everything. From creating a service that best helps memorialize the deceased, to assisting in picking out an urn that fits the personality and interests they held in life. We even help you navigate the options of what can legally be done with your loved ones remains once they have been cremated.

Having our expert guidance in these options helps the family. By shouldering part of the burden of creating a service for those being laid to rest, we allow you to concentrate on what’s important- mourning your loss and, all being well, celebrating the life they lived.

Our professionalism and the wealth of options we provide are only a few reasons why we are the premier provider of cremation services in the Toms River area.

Your Choice for Toms River Cremation Services

Because death is seldom something we expect to happen, the costs, among other things, can come as a surprise. Those in the position of arranging the ins and outs of memorial services and burial can be overwhelmed.

This is one of the main reasons we decided to offer affordable cremation services to those residing in the Toms River area. Reducing the cost of burial also allows the next of kin to explore other possibilities in memorializing the remains. We help you choose what’s best for you. Whether that’s burying some of the remains, keeping them at home, or scattering them somewhere special.

With our help and direction, the options are easily navigated. We invite you to let us help you and your family in your time of need. Contact us today to begin the process of finding your loved ones a final resting place.